PEMPix 2017

2017 PEMPix Presentation

Day 2 of the AAP Section on Emergency Medicine Program
Saturday, September 16
11:30AM CST
McCormick Place West Room S101

Audience Award

Speckled Lentiginous Nevus

Laura Sartori, MD
Christopher Stark, MD

Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt

Judges Award

2,4 – Dinitrophenol Toxicity

Michael Chary, MD, PhD
Yoneda Nao, MD
Ameer Hassoun, MD

Department of Pediatric Emergency Medicine
New York-Presbyterian Queens

2017 PEMPix Online Cases

New for 2017!

The PEMPix presentation now includes three online-only cases. These were selected by the panel of judges and are being posted in advance of the AAP NCE. The online cases are eligible for the Judges Award – a $150 honorarium. Click on each case and see if you can guess the correct diagnosis. Unlike the presentation at AAP there is no time limit. The cases will be released, one each day, from September 11th through 13th.

2017 PEMPix Presentation – Video Version

This is the abbreviated, online version of the PEMPix presentation from the 2017 AAP National Conference and Exhibition in Chicago, IL. Instead of having 30 seconds to answer each question you can test yourself and pause the video on each question. Enjoy!

Brad Sobolewski, MD, MEd
Brad Sobolewski, MD, MEdPEMPix Coordinator and Presenter

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