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Welcome to the submission page for the PEMPix 2024 competition. Below are important instructions for a successful PEMPix case submission. The submission form is at the very bottom.

  • The form below is the ONLY way to submit your case for PEMPix. We will not accept cases submitted any other way.
  • At least one member of the submission team should be a member of the AAP Section on Emergency Medicine (SOEM). If there are no SOEM members on your team, you may join afterwards if your case is accepted. Questions regarding SOEM membership should be directed to Sue Tellez at:
    • STellez at aap dot org.
  • Cases that have been previously published are ineligible.
  • Cases must include some sort of visual media. This may include photographs, radiographic images including point-of-care ultrasound, EKGs, or videos. You may submit these embedded within the submission document OR you may submit them separately.
  • The case should begin with a brief history and relevant physical exam along with the associated visual media.
  • The case must include a 5-item multiple choice question for the diagnosis formatted for the PEMPix presentation. You must include the correct answer as one of the answer choices. The choices should be options in the differential diagnosis, not “what should you order as the next test” options.
  • This must be followed by a brief discussion of the correct diagnosis and why the other diagnoses were incorrect. Include references.
  • Do not include any personal identifiers or HIPAA relevant information.
  • A signed AAP release form must be included for your submission to be accepted. Please sign the form yourself; it does not need to be signed by the patient and family.
  • Your case must be submitted as a PowerPoint presentation or Word document. There are suggested templates below:
  • Please name your files in the following manner: Lastname-Diagnosis-PEMPix2024.pptx
  • The submission deadline is June 30th at 11:59pm EST – there are no exceptions.
  • If your submission does not follow the rules above, you will be notified and given 5 business days to rectify any issue. Failure to respond will result in disqualification.
  • Be sure to follow all instructions.
  • Review your case for typos and errors before submission.
  • Make sure the associated visual media is high quality.
  • Judging criteria include educational value and uniqueness. Keep this in mind as you prepare your case.
  • Cases that have been presented at PEMPix in recent years are unlikely to be selected. You may view a list here.
  • For inspiration on what a great case looks like, consider reviewing cases on the PEMPix Instagram or the PEMPix 2021 video presentation.

The AAP Authorization to Use Photograph form which you can download right here. Please sign the form yourself. It does not need to be signed by the patient and family.

  • Does my case have to include a trainee? No! Attendings are welcome to submit without trainee involvement.
  • What is the benefit of submitting a case to PEMPix? Fame & glory! But seriously, accepted cases can be added to your CV. Additionally, there is a $150 judges award and a $250 audience award up for grabs. All primary authors will also receive a commemorative PEMPix24 pin.
  • Do I have to be on social media to submit a case? No. We love to recognize case contributors via social media when possible, but is not a requirement.
  • Why is there a template that I need to follow to submit my case? Cases must be anonymized for judging. Submissions that do not follow the template create extra work for the PEMPix team.
  • Do I have to come to the AAP NCE to submit a case to PEMPix? No. We understand that many case authors are unable to attend, but we will recognize authors in attendance during the presentation.
  • Do I present my case at the AAP NCE? No. The PEMPix chair gives a dynamic presentation of all the cases at AAP NCE.
  • When is PEMPix24 being presented at the AAP NCE? PEMPix is currently scheduled for Saturday, September 28, 2024 at 2pm EST as part of the AAP SOEM program.
  • Will PEMPix24 be live streamed or recorded? No.